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Shabbat Anthology Volume V  CD 

Languages: English, Hebrew
Shabbat Anthology Volume V CD

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The incredible spirit and creativity of Shabbat worship music is reflected in Shabbat Anthology Volume V. The latest volume of this popular series features 30 tracks, new compositions by favorite artists and composers as well as new settings of liturgical classics. This beautiful CD will be a welcome addition to your Jewish music collection. Enliven and enrich your Sabbath services with new and newly-arranged music for today's worship.

SHABBAT ANTHOLOGY VOL. V by Various Artists,
published by Transcontinental Music Publications

TRACK LIST AND SAMPLE CLIPS: Click arrow to play preview
1. Candle Blessing for Shabbat (Bonia Shur)
2. Kiddush L'shabbat (Itai Daniel)
3. Y'did Nefesh (Bruce Chalmer)
4. L'chu N'ran'nah (Robin Anne Joseph)
5. L'chah Dodi (Sol Zim)
6. Bar'chu/Ma'ariv Aravim (Anita Schubert)
7. Ma'ariv Aravim (Rochelle Potak and Bob Emerman)
8. Ahavat Olam (Marcie Jonas)
9. V'ahavta (Ros Schwartz)
10. Mi Chamochah (Marcie Jonas)
11. Hashkiveinu (Dan Singer)
12. V'sham'ru (Charles Davidson)
13. Yism'chu (Josh Nelson)
14. S'fatai Tiftach (Hanna Tiferet Siegel)
15. Avot V'imahot (Richard Botton)
16. Shalom Rav (Cory Weiss)
17. Yih'yu L'ratzon (Jane Roman Pitt)
18. Mi Shebeirach (Mark Saltzman)
19. Oseh Shalom (Ilana Axel)
20. Oseh Shalom (Jonathan Dinkin, Aveeyah Dinkin, and Eric Gould)
21. Adon Olam (Steve Cohen)
22. Mah Tovu (Orit Perlman)
23. Hal'lu Yah! (Folk)
24. Or Chadash (Robin Anne Joseph)
25. K'dushah (High Holy Days) (Andrea Jill Higgins)
26. Sim Shalom (David Moses Presler)
27. Sim Shalom (Ralene Jacobson)
28. Y'varech'cha (Erik Contzius)
29. Y'varech'cha (Eliot Glaser)
30. Ein Keiloheinu (Norman Brody)


Contzius, Erik
Davidson, Charles
Higgins, Andrea Jill
Joseph, Robin Anne
Nelson, Josh
Pitt, Jane
Richards, Stephen
Shur, Bonia

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Shabbat Anthology Volume V
Enliven and enrich your Sabbath services with new and newly-arranged music for today's worship.
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