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Shabbat Anthology Volume VIII (Book/CD Set) 


Languages: English, Hebrew
Shabbat Anthology Volume VIII (Book/CD Set)

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Enliven, refresh, and enrich your weekly Shabbat services with new and newly-arranged music for today's worship. The SHABBAT ANTHOLOGY series brings to you beautifully-arranged, easily-adaptable new liturgical music, from a wide range of composers.

Features piano-vocal-guitar scores and, new with Volume VIII, NOW ALSO INCLUDES LEAD SHEETS FOR EVERY SONG!

Shabbat Anthology Volume VIII includes:
Y'did Nefesh (Rebecca Schwartz)
Eileh Chamdah Libi (Noah Aronson)
Zamru L'Adonai (Noah Aronson)
L'chah Dodi (Shlomo Carlebach)
Tov L'hodot (Ilan Glazer from Nava Tehila)
Shalom Aleichem (Debbie Friedman)
God of Creation (Natalie Young)
Maariv Aravim (David Berger)
Sh'ma (Abby Gostein)
Mi Chamochah (Dan Singer)
Hashkiveinu (Michelle Citrin)
Hashkiveinu (Fred Ross-Perry)
V'shamru (Marsha Attie)
Shalom Rav (Bruce Benson)
Elohai N'tzor (Sharon Bernstein)
Elohai N'tzor (Randall Schloss)
Oseh Shalom (Philip Orem)
Oseh Shalom (Yoel Sykes from Nava Tehila)
P'tach Libi / Yih'yu L'ratzon (Noam Katz)
Yih'yu L'ratzon / Oseh Shalom (Jamie Marx)
Nisim B'chol Yom (Ken Chasen)
Psalm 150 (William Tiep/Scott Leader)
Ahavah Rabah (Ben Ellerin)
Emet V'yatziv (Stephen Richards)
Yism'chu (Fredda Mendelson)
Prayer for Healing (Todd Herzog)

This songbook and CD set includes a brand-new recording, accurate to the arrangements published in the book, featuring Cantors Hayley Kobilinsky, Mo Glazman, Shayna De Lowe, Brad Hyman, and more.

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