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Ruach 5777 Songbook (with audio download card) 


Languages: English, Hebrew
Ruach 5777 Songbook (with audio download card)

Various Artists, Edited by Joel Eglash

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Accompaniment Lead sheet (chord changes only)
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RUACH 5777 features today's up-and-coming and most popular Jewish music artists. Their infectious contemporary Jewish rock and pop songs are sure-fire hits for any setting. These tunes will become part of the soundtrack of your Jewish life! New artists, from not only North America but Israel and the United Kingdom, grace this 'reboot' of the Ruach series. Alongside the powerhouse rock and pop that Ruach is known for sits serene, more mellow statements from the youth culture of NFTY and the international Reform movement. This remarkable collection of contemporary Jewish youth music will provide you with new ideas and musical earworms that will stay with you and your community forever. Also included is both the lead sheet and SATB choral version of Becky Mann and Hooshir A Cappella's Oseh Shalom, and a new Ruach series index encompassing all volumes heretofore. Includes Asha Sumroy and Ben Reiff's Adon Olam, Dan Nichols's Asher Yatzar, Shimon Smith's Avinu Shebashamayim, Alan Goodis's Hal'li, Juval Porat's Here I Am, Sheldon Low's If Not Now, Michelle Citrin's Modeh Ani, Becky Mann and Hooshir A Cappella's Oseh Shalom, Jacob Spike Kraus's Shir Chadash, Shir Chadash at Am Shalom's Sh'ma - You Shall Love, Daniel and Josh Warshawsky's V'ahavta, and Elle Tzur's (featuring Lisa Silverstein Tzur) Yih'yu L'ratzon.

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