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Ruach 5761 & 5763 Songbook (Book/2 CD set)
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Languages: English, Hebrew
Ruach 5761 & 5763 Songbook (Book/2 CD set)

Joel N. Eglash, editor

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Includes 2 CD's! Featuring 27 of the most popular songs from the biggest names in Jewish contemporary music. Get caught up on your new Jewish music! Includes songwriter annotations and biographies, many for the first time. Full texts and translations. Catch some Ruach!

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Ruach 5761:
1. B'tzelem Elohim (Dan Nichols and e18hteen)
2. Hodu Ladonai (Steve Dropkin)
3. Ashrey (Peri Smilow)
4. Hillel's Song (Mah Tovu)
5. Anachnu M'vorachim (Rick Recht)
6. L'Takein - The Na Na Song (Dan Nichols and e18hteen)
7. Mah Tovu (Danny Maseng)
8. Oseh Shalom (Steve Dropkin)
9. Yihyeh Shalom (Rick Recht)
10. Al Tifrosh (Cantor Wally)
11. Open Up Our Eyes (Jeff Klepper)
12. Sim Shalom (Julie Silver)
13.B'yado (Craig Taubman)
14. Lev B'lev (Beth Schafer)
15. Light These Lights (Debbie Friedman)

Ruach 5763:
1. Eitz Chayim Hee (Mah Tovu)
2. Pit'chu Li (Dan Nichols and e18hteen)
3. Devorah's Song (Debbie Friedman)
4. Halleli (Noam Katz)
5. When We Were Young (Yom Hadash)
6. Kehilah Kedoshah (Dan Nichols)
7. A Way To Say Ah (Beth Schafer)
8. Al Shlosha (Rick Recht)
9. We All Stand Together (Steve Dropkin)
10. Rabbi Ben Bag-Bag (Jeff Klepper)
11. Salaam/Ki Va Moed (Rick Recht)
12. Children of Freedom (Beth Schafer)


Brodsky, Steve
Dropkin, Steve
Eglash, Joel
Katz, Noam
Maseng, Danny
Nichols, Dan
Recht, Rick
Schachet-Briskin, Wally
Schafer, Beth
Silver, Julie
Smilow, Peri
Taubman, Craig

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