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Last updated on June 15, 2017

Privacy Policy


Thank you for visiting our site. Transcontinental Music Publications (a division of the American Conference of Cantors) (“TMP”) is committed to respecting your privacy and wants you to know how we use information gathered while on our site.

What information does TMP collect?

As a general rule, TMP does not collect personally-identifying information (“PII”) about you when you visit our site, unless you choose to provide such information to us while in the process of conducting a transaction or requesting assistance or other contact. You are not obligated to provide PII to TMP in order to visit our site.

If you request assistance or other contact from TMP, the PII given by you will be used to respond to your inquiry and to provide you with an appropriate response or action. TMP’s websites are not directed toward individuals under the age of 13, and TMP does not knowingly collect PII from such individuals.

Each time you visit our site, our web server automatically collects and stores the name of the domain from which you access the Internet, the date and time you access our site, and the Internet address of the website from which you linked to our site. This information is collected to ensure our website is accessible and usable as well as to do analytics to assess what areas of our website are visited most often, assess what information is of most and least interest, determine technical design specifications, and monitor system performance. This information is not user-specific.


How does TMP use or share PII?

PII collected from you may only be used by TMP for business, administrative and informational purposes. TMP may use PII to facilitate business transactions (for example, licensing transactions) initiated by you, to resolve customer issues and concerns, to help us administer our website, and to improve and develop our online offerings to consumers.

From time to time, TMP may engage third parties to assist TMP in managing certain functions

associated with the website, such as processing payments or performing IT maintenance services. For example, and without limitation, when you transmit credit card information for purposes of requesting a license through our website, you may be automatically connected with a third party who will receive your credit card information and secure such information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the credit card information you input. Although we seek to restrict third-party service providers from using any PII received from TMP for any purpose other than to facilitate transactions being conducted through our website, TMP is not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties, including, without limitation, any negligence or misconduct on the part of third parties receiving your credit card or other information.Other than set out above, TMP does not give, sell or transfer PII to third parties or use PII for other purposes.


Does TMP use “cookies”? 

TMP uses “cookies” to provide better service to its customers. “Cookies” are small packets of data exchanged between our website and your computer. These cookies authenticate you as a valid user during any session, help you navigate our web pages as efficiently and effectively as possible, and allow us to make future sessions easier for you by “remembering” information for a future session (for example, a future licensing transaction). Cookies are unable to execute any code or virus.

Third-party websites from third parties assisting TMP in certain functions (for example, without limitation, assisting with payment processing) may also use cookies or other technological tools to track activity of visitors to their sites. We have no control over the information-collection practices of such third-party sites. We encourage you to review the privacy policies associated with such third-party sites for more information about the privacy practices of such sites.


How does TMP address data security? 

When you provide TMP with PII, we take reasonable steps to protect the information that you share with us. Note, however, that security breaches can occur even if reasonable steps are taken to prevent such breaches; for example, and without limitation, we cannot guarantee that information you provide through our website will not be illegally accessed on our servers or intercepted while being transmitted to us over the Internet. Please contact us as provided in the section "How do I contact TMP?" below if you have reason to believe that there has been any breach of the security of our website.


How do I contact TMP? 

If you have any comments or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact TMP by sending an email to [email protected], calling us at 781.847.7800, or writing us at 1375 Remington Road Suite M, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA.


Acceptance of the Privacy Policy. 

Your access and use of this website and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Privacy Policy and TMP’s website Terms of Use. By continuing your use of the website, you, both individually and on behalf of any organization that you may represent, confirm your assent to this Privacy Policy. If you are unable to accept this Privacy Policy or any or its terms, you must not continue to access or use any portion of this website. From time to time, we may update this Privacy Policy by posting the updated Privacy Policy at Your continued use of any part of our website constitutes your agreement to the updated Privacy Policy. The effective date of TMP’s most recent update of this Privacy Policy appears on the upper right hand portion of this page.