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Item #: GRP955012DA

Year: 2019

Language: Hebrew

Format: Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)

LIBI B'MIZRACH VOLUME II collects the incredible liturgical music of Israel's progressive minyanim, communities, songwriters, and composers. To Western ears, Jewish liturgy, prayers, blessings, and piyutim (liturgical poems) are most purely expressed through the tongue of a native Hebrew speaker. These original Israeli melodies come straight from the source, with nothing lost in translation. Until LIBI B'MIZRACH, many of these songs were inaccessible or unavailab View More

Libi B'Mizrach Volume II (AUDIO)

Music of Progressive Israeli T'filah

by Various Artists, Produced by Joel Eglash


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)



Item #:


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files)



Tracks From Libi B'Mizrach Volume II (AUDIO)

Song Title Performed By Item Number Preview Buy Audio Related Sheet
Adonai Malach Lisa Silverstein 955012DA01 Add $1.29 View
Ashrei Ha-ish Maya Raviv 955012DA02 Add $1.29 View
Dirshu Adonai Beit Tefilah Israeli 955012DA03 Add $1.29 View
D'ror Yikra Margalit Jakob 955012DA04 Add $1.29 View
Eili Atah V'odeka Beit Tefilah Israeli 955012DA05 Add $1.29 View
Hashkiveinu David Berger, Andrea Rae Markowicz 955012DA06 Add $1.29 View
Kanfei Ruach David Berger, Andrea Rae Markowicz 955012DA07 Add $1.29 View
Ki Beiti Beit T'filah Beit Tefilah Israeli 955012DA08 Add $1.29 View
Kumi Ori Shimon Smith 955012DA09 Add $1.29 View
Lam'natzei-ach Gilad Hazan 955012DA10 Add $1.29 View
L'cha Adonai / Rom'mu Nava Tehila 955012DA11 Add $1.29 View
L'chah Dodi Lisa Silverstein 955012DA12 Add $1.29 View
L'chah Dodi Carmiel Jakob-Frutkoff 955012DA13 Add $1.29 View
L'chah Dodi Or and Feliza Zohar 955012DA14 Add $1.29 View
L'chu N'ran'nah Or and Feliza Zohar 955012DA15 Add $1.29 View
Leiv Tahor Maya Raviv 955012DA16 Add $1.29 View
Min Hameitzar Karati Michal Talya 955012DA17 Add $1.29 View
Nishmat Kol Chai Nava Tehila 955012DA18 Add $1.29 View
Pitchu Li Or and Feliza Zohar 955012DA19 Add $1.29 View
Salachti Kidvarecha Porat Nov 955012DA20 Add $1.29 View
Sha-alu Sh'lom Y'rushalayim David Berger, Andrea Rae Markowicz 955012DA21 Add $1.29 View
Shalom Aleichem Navot Ben Barak 955012DA22 Add $1.29 View
Shalom Aleichem Eliana Horenstein 955012DA23 Add $1.29 View
Shalom Aleichem Baruch Shiryon 955012DA24 Add $1.29 View
Shir Hamaalot Margalit Jakob 955012DA25 Add $1.29 View
Tzam'ah Nafshi Michal Talya 955012DA26 Add $1.29 View
Yadati Eliana Horenstein 955012DA27 Add $1.29 View
Yah Anah Emtza-acha Meirav Meshulam Levy 955012DA28 Add $1.29 View
Yotzeir Or Boaz Dorot, Shani Ben Or 955012DA29 Add $1.29 View
Zamru Lisa Silverstein 955012DA30 Add $1.29 View
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