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Item #: GRP950146

Year: 2011

Series: Ruach

Language: Hebrew, English

Format: Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)

RUACH is the Hebrew word for spirit, and it is exactly that quality which the songs of the Ruach series possess. Ruach 5771, the sixth edition in the set, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Ruach series and the 50th anniversary of the URJ's Religious Action Center in Washington D.C. Many of the 19 tracks included here feature a Social Action theme, and all reflect the spirit, energy, and vibrancy of the Judaism that lives and breathes in the camps, youth groups, and synagogu View More

Ruach 5771 (Audio)

Produced by Michael Boxer, Jayson Rodovsky


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)



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Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files)



Tracks From Ruach 5771 (Audio)


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