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Item #: GRP950037DA

Year: 1997

Language: Hebrew, English

Format: Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)

35 standards from the annual Passover seder, featuring the music of the CCAR's hagadah of the same name. All of the 'standards' of every Passover Seder, including liturgical and folk selections. Featuring Cantors Josee Wolff, Faith Steinsnyder, Don Gurney, Stephen Merkel, and Bruce Ruben, as well as Ena Freeman and Mary Feinsinger.

Songs from a Passover Haggadah

by Cantors Choir, Produced by Mary Feinsinger


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)



Item #:


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files)



Tracks From Songs from a Passover Haggadah

Song Title Performed By Item Number Preview Buy Audio Related Sheet
Kadeish Urchatz / Order of the Seder Cantors Choir 950037DA01 Add $0.99 View
Blessing Over the Candles Cantors Choir 950037DA02 Add $0.99 View
Blessing Over the Candles Cantors Choir 950037DA03 Add $0.99 View
Vay'chulu Cantors Choir 950037DA04 Add $0.99 View
Kiddush Cantors Choir 950037DA05 Add $0.99 View
Song of Songs Cantors Choir 950037DA06 Add $0.99 View
Ha Lachma Anya Cantors Choir 950037DA07 Add $0.99 View
Ma Nishtana 1 Cantors Choir 950037DA08 Add $0.99 View
Ma Nishtana 2 Cantors Choir 950037DA09 Add $0.99 View
Avadim Hayinu Cantors Choir 950037DA10 Add $0.99 View
V'hi Sheamdah 1 Cantors Choir 950037DA11 Add $0.99 View
V'hi Sheamdah 2 Cantors Choir 950037DA12 Add $0.99 View
Dayeinu Cantors Choir 950037DA13 Add $0.99 View
Pesach Time / Echad Mi Yodeah Cantors Choir 950037DA14 Add $0.99 View
V'nomar L'fanav Cantors Choir 950037DA15 Add $0.99 View
Hal'luyah Cantors Choir 950037DA16 Add $0.99 View
Hallel Cantors Choir 950037DA17 Add $0.99 View
B'tzeit Yisrael Cantors Choir 950037DA18 Add $0.99 View
Hallel (A Round) Cantors Choir 950037DA19 Add $0.99 View
Shir Hamaalot Cantors Choir 950037DA20 Add $0.99 View
Birkat Hamazon Cantors Choir 950037DA21 Add $0.99 View
Eiliyahu Hanavi Cantors Choir 950037DA22 Add $0.99 View
Hal'lu et Adonai Kol Goyim Cantors Choir 950037DA23 Add $0.99 View
Hodu Ladonai Cantors Choir 950037DA24 Add $0.99 View
Ana Adonai Cantors Choir 950037DA25 Add $0.99 View
Pitchu Li Cantors Choir 950037DA26 Add $0.99 View
Am Yisraeil Chai Cantors Choir 950037DA27 Add $0.99 View
Echad Mi Yodea Cantors Choir 950037DA28 Add $0.99 View
Adir Bimlucha Cantors Choir 950037DA29 Add $0.99 View
Chag Gadya Cantors Choir 950037DA30 Add $0.99 View
Kareiv Yom Cantors Choir 950037DA31 Add $0.99 View
Sachaki Cantors Choir 950037DA32 Add $0.99 View
Chasal Sidur Pesach Cantors Choir 950037DA33 Add $0.99 View
L'shanah Habaah Cantors Choir 950037DA34 Add $0.99 View
Adir Hu Cantors Choir 950037DA35 Add $0.99 View
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