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Item #: GRP950112

Year: 2005

Language: Hebrew, English

Format: Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)

Torah Alive! Music Connection provides an age-appropriate approach to teaching Torah to young children using creative early childhood techniques to present our ancient Jewish text. Music is the key ingredient in the early childhood classroom. Torah Alive! Music Connection presents songs by today's most well-known Jewish artists. These awesome songs performed and produced by Nelsongs (brothers Josh and Jon Nelson). We are proud to present another great way for teachers, students, and parents to b View More

Torah Alive! Music Connection (Audio)

Produced by Joel Eglash


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)



Item #:


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files)



Tracks From Torah Alive! Music Connection (Audio)

Song Title Performed By Item Number Preview Buy Audio Related Sheet
Learnin' Torah Nelsongs 950112DA01 Add $1.29 View
In the Beginning Nelsongs 950112DA02 Add $1.29 View
The Very First People Nelsongs 950112DA03 Add $1.29 View
Two By Two Sam Glaser 950112DA04 Add $1.29 View
Babel Nelsongs 950112DA05 Add $1.29 View
Children of Abraham Nelsongs 950112DA06 Add $1.29 View
Hospitality Nelsongs 950112DA07 Add $1.29 View
Abraham Nelsongs 950112DA08 Add $1.29 View
A Woman Strong and True Nelsongs 950112DA09 Add $1.29 View
Jacob's Plan Nelsongs 950112DA10 Add $1.29 View
A Blessing for the Ones You Love Debbie Friedman 950112DA11 Add $1.29 View
Jacob Had a Dream One Night Nelsongs 950112DA12 Add $1.29 View
Rachel At the Well Nelsongs 950112DA13 Add $1.29 View
Dreams Can Come True Susan Shane-Linder, Stephanie Shore 950112DA14 Add $1.29 View
Jacob Wrestled With An Angel Nelsongs 950112DA15 Add $1.29 View
I'll Always Be Your Friend Nelsongs 950112DA16 Add $1.29 View
Joseph Nelsongs 950112DA17 Add $1.29 View
Joseph, You're a Dreamer Nelsongs 950112DA18 Add $1.29 View
Seven Is the Number Nelsongs 950112DA20 Add $1.29 View
Love Is Gonna Carry You Home Nelsongs 950112DA21 Add $1.29 View
With My Family Nelsongs 950112DA22 Add $1.29 View
A Blessing for All to See Nelsongs 950112DA23 Add $1.29 View
Baby Nelsongs 950112DA24 Add $1.29 View
Moses, Moses, Take Off Your Shoes Nelsongs 950112DA25 Add $1.29 View
Ten Plagues In Egypt Land Peter and Ellen Allard 950112DA26 Add $1.29 View
Hand In Hand Andi Joseph 950112DA27 Add $1.29 View
Learnin' Torah (Reprise) Nelsongs 950112DA28 Add $1.29 View
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