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Item #: GRP993247D

Year: 2003

Language: Hebrew, English

Voicing: Lead Sheet, Piano / Vocal / Guitar (PVG)

Forget I Have a Little Dreidl! In the Complete Chanukah Songbook, you will find 100 Chanukah pieces in lead sheet or piano/vocal/guitar format. This unique collection includes all the Chanukah standards and new pieces from today's most popular Jewish songwriters. You'll find music for preschoolers in the same book as music for your adult volunteer choir, concert, and home celebration! Looking for new music and a one-stop resource for your Chanukah or holiday/Winter concert. The Complete Chanukah View More

Complete Chanukah Songbook

by Various Artists, Edited by J. Mark Dunn, Joel Eglash


Lead Sheet, Piano / Vocal / Guitar (PVG)



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Complete Chanukah Songbook Contents

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