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Item #: GRP990330

Year: 1958

Language: English, Hebrew

Format: PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)

Voicing: SA or Treble Choir

A brilliant collection of Coopersmith arrangements for any treble volunteer or youth choir or duet. Contains classic melodies from Reform tradition and some folk tunes. Accompaniments are contained within Coopersmith's The Songs We Sing.

Friday Eve Service: Mi Shirey Bet Hakeneset

Friday Eve Service of Classical and Contemporary Compositions

Arranged by Harry Coopersmith


SA or Treble Choir


PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)



Item #:


Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)



Friday Eve Service: Mi Shirey Bet Hakeneset Contents

Song Title Composer Format Item Number Preview Buy Sheet Related Audio
Ma Tovu I Louis Lewandowski PDF 990330D01 add $1.75 View
Ma Tovu II Harry Coopersmith PDF 990330D02 add $1.75 View
Ma Tovu III Traditional Chasidic PDF 990330D03 add $1.75 View
L'chu N'ran'nah I Traditional PDF 990330D04 add $1.75 View
L'chu N'ran'nah II Traditional Chasidic PDF 990330D05 add $1.75 View
Shiru Ladonoy Shmuel Kronberg PDF 990330D06 add $1.75 View
L'cha Dodi I David Nowakowsky PDF 990330D07 add $1.75 View
Boi V'shalom I David Nowakowsky PDF 990330D08 add $1.75 View
L'cha Dodi II Gershon Ephros PDF 990330D09 add $1.75 View
L'cha Dodi III Harry Coopersmith PDF 990330D10 add $1.75 View
Shamor V'zachor Harry Coopersmith PDF 990330D11 add $1.75 View
Boi V'shalom II Harry Coopersmith PDF 990330D12 add $1.75 View
Tov L'hodot I Jacob Weinberg PDF 990330D13 add $1.75 View
Tov L'hodot II Isadore Freed PDF 990330D14 add $1.75 View
Tov L'hodot III Harry Coopersmith PDF 990330D15 add $1.75 View
Adonai Malach A. Dunajewski PDF 990330D16 add $1.75 View
Bar'chu I Max Helfman PDF 990330D17 add $1.75 View
Bar'chu II Gershon Ephros PDF 990330D18 add $1.75 View
Sh'ma Yisrael I Eliezer Gerovitch PDF 990330D19 add $1.75 View
Sh'ma Yisrael II Solomon Sulzer PDF 990330D20 add $1.75 View
Sh'ma Yisrael III Max Helfman PDF 990330D21 add $1.75 View
Ahavat Olam I Frederick Jacobi PDF 990330D22 add $1.75 View
Ahavat Olam II Harry Coopersmith PDF 990330D23 add $1.75 View
Mi Chamocha I Frederick Jacobi PDF 990330D24 add $1.75 View
Mi Chamocha II Isadore Freed PDF 990330D25 add $1.75 View
Mi Chamocha III Reuven Kosakoff PDF 990330D26 add $1.75 View
Hashkivenu I David Nowakowsky PDF 990330D27 add $1.75 View
Hashkivenu II Traditional Sephardic PDF 990330D28 add $1.75 View
Hashkivenu III Max Helfman PDF 990330D29 add $1.75 View
Hashkivenu IV Harry Coopersmith PDF 990330D30 add $1.75 View
V'shamru I David Nowakowsky PDF 990330D31 add $1.75 View
V'shamru II A. Z. Idelsohn PDF 990330D32 add $1.75 View
V'shamru III A. W. Binder PDF 990330D33 add $1.75 View
Vay'chulu I A. Dunajewski PDF 990330D34 add $1.75 View
Vay'chulu II Louis Lewandowski PDF 990330D35 add $1.75 View
Vay'chulu III Traditional PDF 990330D36 add $1.75 View
Magen Avot I Louis Lewandowski PDF 990330D37 add $1.75 View
Magen Avot II Samuel Alman PDF 990330D38 add $1.75 View
Yism'chu I Traditional Chasidic PDF 990330D39 add $1.75 View
Yism'chu II Traditional Chasidic PDF 990330D40 add $1.75 View
Kiddush Louis Lewandowski PDF 990330D41 add $1.75 View
Yih'yu L'ratzon Harry Coopersmith PDF 990330D42 add $1.75 View
May the Words Reuven Kosakoff PDF 990330D43 add $1.75 View
Let Us Adore I Edward Stark PDF 990330D44 add $1.75 View
Let Us Adore II Julius Chajes PDF 990330D45 add $1.75 View
Va-anachnu Isadore Freed PDF 990330D46 add $1.75 View
On That Day Isadore Freed PDF 990330D47 add $1.75 View
Adon Olam Herbert Fromm PDF 990330D48 add $1.75 View
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