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Item #: GRP993191

Year: 2002

Language: Hebrew, English

Format: Spiral Bound, PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)

Voicing: Lead Sheet

Voicing Category: Lead Sheet

This ground-breaking publication from Synagogue 3000 and exclusively distributed by Transcontinental, is the most comprehensive and definitive collection of Jewish healing music. R'fuah Sh'leimah features works by esteemed composers such as Benjie Ellen Schiller, Debbie Friedman, Jeff Klepper, Bruce Benson, Lisa Levine and Craig Taubman. R'fuah Sh'leimah: Songs of Jewish Healing fills a need of synagogues and individuals searching for a way to feel peace and wholeness. It contains Hebrew texts a View More

R'fuah Sh'leimah

Songs of Jewish Healing

by Various Artists, Edited by Merri Lovinger Arian


Lead Sheet


Spiral Bound, PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)



Item #:

993191, 993191D

Spiral Bound



Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)


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R'fuah Sh'leimah Contents

Song Title Composer Format Item Number Preview Buy Sheet Related Audio
Achat Sha'alti Ethan Franzel PDF 993191D01 add $3.95 View
Adonai Ori Craig Taubman PDF 993191D02 add $3.95 View
Duet for Elul Traditional PDF 993191D03 add $3.95 View
Eil Na R'fa Na La Debbie Friedman PDF 993191D04 add $3.95 View
Kol Han'shama Michael Praetorious PDF 993191D05 add $3.95 View
Number Our Days Wally Schachet-Briskin PDF 993191D06 add $3.95 View
Ruach Elohim Lisa Levine PDF 993191D07 add $3.95 View
Adon Olam Abraham Lopes Cardozo PDF 993191D08 add $3.95 View
Adonai Li Bruce Benson, Don Rossoff PDF 993191D09 add $3.95 View
B'yado Debbie Friedman PDF 993191D10 add $3.95 View
B'yado Craig Taubman PDF 993191D11 add $3.95 View
Elohai N'shamah / Asher Yatzar Debbie Friedman PDF 993191D12 add $3.95 View
Hashkiveinu / Sh'ma Yoshi Zweiback, Steve Brodsky, Larry Jonas PDF 993191D13 add $3.95 View
Hashkiveinu Rachelle Nelson PDF 993191D14 add $2.00 View
R'fa'einu V'nerafei Aminadav Aloni PDF 993191D15 add $4.95 View
R'fa'einu Eva Robbins PDF 993191D16 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach (For An Individual) Lori Corrsin PDF 993191D17 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach (Cholim) Lisa Doob PDF 993191D18 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach Debbie Friedman PDF 993191D19 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach for Weekdays Israel Goldstein PDF 993191D20 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach Sylvia Goldstein PDF 993191D21 add $4.95 View
Mi Shebeirach Andrea Jill Higgins PDF 993191D22 add $4.95 View
Mi Shebeirach Adolph Katchko PDF 993191D23 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach Lisa Levine PDF 993191D24 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach for Healing Amy Miller PDF 993191D25 add $4.95 View
Mi Shebeirach for Congregation Benjie Ellen Schiller PDF 993191D26 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach Robbie Solomon PDF 993191D27 add $3.95 View
Mi Shebeirach Craig Taubman PDF 993191D28 add $4.95 View
Mi Shebeirach for Healing Richard Cohn PDF 993191D29 add $2.00 View
Chazak Chazak Jeff Klepper PDF 993191D30 add $2.95 View
Eil Na R'fa Na La Jeff Klepper PDF 993191D31 add $2.95 View
Elohai N'shamah Shefa Gold PDF 993191D32 add $3.95 View
Ma Gadlu Shefa Gold PDF 993191D33 add $3.95 View
Open Up Our Eyes Jeff Klepper PDF 993191D34 add $3.95 View
The Healing Circle Hanna Tiferet Siegel PDF 993191D35 add $3.95 View
Al Tasteir Debbie Friedman PDF 993191D36 add $3.95 View
The Angels' Blessing Debbie Friedman PDF 993191D37 add $2.00 View
Elohei Oz Traditional Calcutta PDF 993191D38 add $3.95 View
The Healing Path Sylvia Goldstein PDF 993191D39 add $3.95 View
Lamdeini Benjie Ellen Schiller PDF 993191D40 add $2.00 View
Oh Guide My Steps Debra Winston, Julie Silver PDF 993191D41 add $3.95 View
Prayer for Healing Paul Zim PDF 993191D42 add $4.95 View
R'fa'einu Rachelle Nelson PDF 993191D43 add $4.95 View
Show Me Your Way Rachelle Nelson PDF 993191D44 add $4.95 View
Sim Shalom Danny Maseng PDF 993191D45 add $4.95 View
Spirits Rising Lisa Levine PDF 993191D46 add $3.95 View
Waters of Healing Hanna Tiferet Siegel PDF 993191D47 add $3.95 View
Waves Bonia Shur PDF 993191D48 add $4.95 View
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