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Item #: GRP950067

Year: 2001

Language: Hebrew, English, Yiddish

Format: Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)

Kol Dodi: Jewish Music for Weddings (Audio)

Produced by Mary Feinsinger


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)



Item #:


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files)



Tracks From Kol Dodi: Jewish Music for Weddings (Audio)

Song Title Performed By Item Number Preview Buy Audio Related Sheet
Bobover Processional (SERVICE I: CANTOR ALONE) String Quartet 950067DA01 Add $1.29 View
B'ruchim Haba-im / Mi Adir Alberto Mizrahi 950067DA02 Add $1.29 View
Birkat Erusin Alberto Mizrahi 950067DA03 Add $1.29 View
Sheva B'rachot Alberto Mizrahi 950067DA04 Add $1.29 View
Y'varech'cha Alberto Mizrahi 950067DA05 Add $1.29 View
Kol Sason Recessional String Quartet 950067DA06 Add $1.29 View
Sephardic Processional (Kol Sason) (SERVICE II: SEPHARDIC) Sam Oatts, Mary Feinsinger 950067DA07 Add $1.29 View
B'ruchim Haba-im / Mi Adir Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA08 Add $1.29 View
Birkat Erusin Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA09 Add $1.29 View
Sheva B'rachot Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA10 Add $1.29 View
Y'varech'cha Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA11 Add $1.29 View
Recessional: Ma Nalim Hechatan Sam Oatts, Mary Feinsinger 950067DA12 Add $1.29 View
Processional: Mi Van Siach (SERVICE III: TRADITIONAL WITH PIANO) Fidel Marchena, Mary Feinsinger 950067DA13 Add $1.29 View
B'ruchim Haba-im / Mi Adir Robert Abelson 950067DA14 Add $1.29 View
Birkat Erusin Robert Abelson 950067DA15 Add $1.29 View
Sheva B'rachot Robert Abelson 950067DA16 Add $1.29 View
Y'varech'cha Robert Abelson 950067DA17 Add $1.29 View
Mazl Tov Recessional Mary Feinsinger 950067DA18 Add $1.29 View
Processional (SERVICE IV: TRADITIONAL WITH ORGAN) McNeil Robinson 950067DA19 Add $1.29 View
B'ruchim Haba-im / Mi Adir Jessica Levitt 950067DA20 Add $1.29 View
Birkat Erusin Jessica Levitt 950067DA21 Add $1.29 View
Sheva B'rachot Jessica Levitt 950067DA22 Add $1.29 View
Y'varech'cha Jessica Levitt 950067DA23 Add $1.29 View
Recessional: Postlude McNeil Robinson 950067DA24 Add $1.29 View
Processional: Dodi Li Jennifer Haley, Mary Feinsinger 950067DA25 Add $1.29 View
Processional: Dodi Li (SERVICE V: CONTEMPORARY) Danny Maseng 950067DA26 Add $1.29 View
Baruch Haba / Mi Adir Danny Maseng 950067DA27 Add $1.29 View
Birkat Erusin Danny Maseng 950067DA28 Add $1.29 View
Sheva B'rachot Danny Maseng 950067DA29 Add $1.29 View
Y'varech'cha Danny Maseng 950067DA30 Add $1.29 View
Recessional: Kol Sason Danny Maseng 950067DA31 Add $1.29 View
Arise and Come Away Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA32 Add $1.29 View
Sh'neyhem Danny Maseng 950067DA33 Add $1.29 View
Pitchi Li Benjie Ellen Schiller 950067DA34 Add $1.29 View
Dodi Li Ena Freeman, Daniel Pincus 950067DA35 Add $1.29 View
Erev Shel Shoshanim Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA36 Add $1.29 View
Anah Halach Dodeich Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA37 Add $1.29 View
El Ginat Egoz Alberto Mizrahi 950067DA38 Add $1.29 View
Dodi Li Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA39 Add $1.29 View
Iti Milvanon Alberto Mizrahi 950067DA40 Add $1.29 View
How Beautiful You Are Ena Freeman 950067DA41 Add $1.29 View
V'eirastich Li Mark Childs, Heather Levin 950067DA42 Add $1.29 View
V'eirastich Li Jessica Levitt, Paul Stetsenko 950067DA43 Add $1.29 View
Simeni Chachotam Mark Childs, Heather Levin 950067DA44 Add $1.29 View
Scalerica de Oro Richard Botton 950067DA45 Add $1.29 View
Los Bilbilicos Richard Botton 950067DA46 Add $1.29 View
Yismach Chatan Richard Botton, J. Mark Dunn 950067DA47 Add $1.29 View
You Have Captured My Heart Julie Silver 950067DA48 Add $1.29 View
Dodi Li Danny Maseng 950067DA49 Add $1.29 View
Kumi Lach Julie Silver 950067DA50 Add $1.29 View
Zeh Dodi Daniel Pincus 950067DA51 Add $1.29 View
Anah Dodi Rachelle Nelson 950067DA52 Add $1.29 View
An Invitation Daniel Pincus 950067DA53 Add $1.29 View
I Am My Beloved's Paulina Stark, J. Mark Dunn 950067DA54 Add $1.29 View
Anah Dodi Fredda Mendelson 950067DA55 Add $1.29 View
Shir HaShirim Regina Lambert-Hayut 950067DA56 Add $1.29 View
Shir HaShirim Ena Freeman 950067DA57 Add $1.29 View
Der Badkhn Robert Abelson 950067DA58 Add $1.29 View
Papir Iz Dokh Vays Mary Feinsinger 950067DA59 Add $1.29 View
A Yidishe Khasene (Medley) Robert Abelson 950067DA60 Add $1.29 View
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