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Item #: GRP950149

Year: 2012

Language: Hebrew, English

Format: Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)

This sixth installment in the ongoing and hugely popular Shabbat Anthology series includes 32 eclectic tunes that highlight the best and most current music written specifically for congregational Shabbat worship. Both established and emerging composers and arrangers are highlighted here, bringing to light both newly composed and older Sabbath music that has never been published before. The 168-page songbook features all compositions in Piano/Vocal/Guitar format, as well as several piece View More

Shabbat Anthology Volume VI (Audio)

Produced by Michael Boxer, Jayson Rodovsky


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)



Item #:


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files)



Tracks From Shabbat Anthology Volume VI (Audio)

Song Title Performed By Item Number Preview Buy Audio Related Sheet
Candle Blessing for Shabbat Sally Neff, Dan Singer 950149DA01 Add $1.29 View
How Good and Lovely / Mah Tovu Rita Glassman 950149DA02 Add $1.29 View
Y'did Nefesh Alexander Massey 950149DA03 Add $1.29 View
Shabbat Hamalkah Todd Kipnis 950149DA04 Add $1.29 View
Shalom Aleichem Ellen Dreskin 950149DA05 Add $1.29 View
Lamdeini, Elohai Amor Artis Chamber Choir 950149DA06 Add $1.29 View
Maariv Aravim Sababa 950149DA07 Add $1.29 View
Hashkiveinu Tracy Friend, Andy Dennen 950149DA08 Add $1.29 View
Hashkiveinu Jayson Rodovsky 950149DA09 Add $1.29 View
V'sham'ru Dan Singer 950149DA10 Add $1.29 View
Yism'chu Tracy Friend 950149DA11 Add $1.29 View
Adonai S'fatai Sababa 950149DA12 Add $1.29 View
Modim Anachnu Lach Andrea Markowicz 950149DA13 Add $1.29 View
R'tzei / V'techezenah Todd Kipnis 950149DA14 Add $1.29 View
Shalom Rav Todd Kipnis 950149DA15 Add $1.29 View
Elohai N'tzor Lori Corrsin, Jayson Rodovsky 950149DA16 Add $1.29 View
Yih'yu L'ratzon / Oseh Shalom Todd Kipnis 950149DA17 Add $1.29 View
Oseh Shalom Pamela Schiffer 950149DA18 Add $1.29 View
Yih'yu L'ratzon Josh Nelson 950149DA19 Add $1.29 View
Yih'yu L'ratzon Todd Kipnis, Dan Singer 950149DA20 Add $1.29 View
Elohai N'shamah Lori Corrsin 950149DA21 Add $1.29 View
Baruch She'amar Jordan Franzel 950149DA22 Add $1.29 View
Hal'lu Yah Ros Schwartz 950149DA23 Add $1.29 View
Yotzeir Or Jordan Franzel 950149DA24 Add $1.29 View
V'haeir Eineinu Kathy Storfer 950149DA25 Add $1.29 View
Sim Shalom Ellen Dreskin 950149DA26 Add $1.29 View
Sim Shalom Fred Ross-Perry 950149DA27 Add $1.29 View
A Prayer For Healing Sally Neff 950149DA28 Add $1.29 View
Torat Adonai Dan Singer 950149DA29 Add $1.29 View
Prayer of Thanksgiving (Birkat HaGomeil) Sally Neff 950149DA30 Add $1.29 View
The Blessing Of Memory Abby Gostein 950149DA31 Add $1.29 View
Hamotzi Lechem Min Haaretz (We Give Thanks to God for Bread) Sally Neff 950149DA32 Add $1.29 View
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