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Item #: GRP955000

Year: 2013

Language: Hebrew, English

Format: Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)

This SEVENTH installment in the ongoing and hugely popular Shabbat Anthology series includes 26 eclectic tunes that highlight the best and most current music written specifically for congregational Shabbat worship. Both established and emerging composers and arrangers are highlighted here, bringing to light both newly composed and older Sabbath music that has never been published before. The songbook features all compositions in Piano/Vocal/Guitar format, as well as several pieces with View More

Shabbat Anthology Volume VII (Audio)

Produced by Jayson Rodovsky


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files), Digital Audio (mp3)



Item #:


Digital Album (mp3 Audio Files)



Tracks From Shabbat Anthology Volume VII (Audio)

Song Title Performed By Item Number Preview Buy Audio Related Sheet
Rom'mu Jeremiah Klarman 955000DA01 Add $1.29 View
L'chah Dodi Steve Dropkin 955000DA02 Add $1.29 View
Shalom Aleichem Rachelle Nelson 955000DA03 Add $1.29 View
Ma'ariv Aravim / Ahavat Olam Jordan Franzel 955000DA04 Add $1.29 View
Mi Chamochah Angela Gold, Neil Weinstein, Andy Dennen 955000DA05 Add $1.29 View
Hashkiveinu Lisa Silver 955000DA06 Add $1.29 View
V'sham'ru Marcelo Gindlin 955000DA07 Add $1.29 View
V'sham'ru Robert Nath 955000DA08 Add $1.29 View
V'sham'ru Bob Remstein 955000DA09 Add $1.29 View
Yism'chu Abby Gostein 955000DA10 Add $1.29 View
Yism'chu Ralene Jacobson 955000DA11 Add $1.29 View
Open My Lips (Adonai S'fatai Tiftach) Jay Rapoport 955000DA12 Add $1.29 View
R'tzeih Michelle Auslander Cohen 955000DA13 Add $1.29 View
Yih'yu L'ratzon / Oseh Shalom Vicky Glikin 955000DA14 Add $1.29 View
Yih'yu L'ratzon / Oseh Shalom Cory Weiss 955000DA15 Add $1.29 View
Oseh Shalom Abby Gostein 955000DA16 Add $1.29 View
Yih'yu L'ratzon Robert Nath 955000DA17 Add $1.29 View
L'Rosh Chodesh Jordan Franzel 955000DA18 Add $1.29 View
Modeh Ani Cliff Abramson 955000DA19 Add $1.29 View
Psalm 150 Susan Colin 955000DA20 Add $1.29 View
Zachar Chasdo Micah Lapidus 955000DA21 Add $1.29 View
Adonai Oz Scott Leader 955000DA22 Add $1.29 View
Sim Shalom Jordan Franzel 955000DA23 Add $1.29 View
We Remember Them Lynda Dresher 955000DA24 Add $1.29 View
Ein K'Eloheinu Erik Contzius 955000DA25 Add $1.29 View
Adon Olam Jonathan Dinkin 955000DA26 Add $1.29 View
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