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Item #: GRP991708

Year: 1993

Language: English, Hebrew

Format: PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF; Individual Song PDFs; and Audio Files)

Voicing: Lead Sheet

Voicing Category: Lead Sheet

Selected from the now-classic Complete Jewish Songbook for Children Volume I: Manginot, Shiron L'Noar is a wonderful selection of 40 songs perfect for young adults ages 10-13.

Shiron L'noar: Songs for Children Ages 10-13

by Various Artists, Edited by Stephen Richards, Judith Tischler


Lead Sheet


PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF; Individual Song PDFs; and Audio Files)



Item #:


Digital (Includes Songbook PDF; Individual Song PDFs; and Audio Files)



Shiron L'noar: Songs for Children Ages 10-13 Contents

Song Title Composer Format Item Number Preview Buy Sheet Related Audio
Am Yisrael Chai Shlomo Carlebach PDF 991708D01 add $1.95 View
Tzenah, Tzenah Issachar Miron, J. Grossman PDF 991708D02 add $1.95 View
Ai Didi Dai (Song Without Words) Traditional Chasidic PDF 991708D03 add $1.95 View
And the Youth Shall See Visions Debbie Friedman PDF 991708D04 add $3.95 View
Simon Tov Traditional Chasidic PDF 991708D05 add $1.95 View
Shehecheyanu Tzvika Pik PDF 991708D06 add $1.95 View
L'chah Dodi Traditional PDF 991708D07 add $1.95 View
Candle Blessing for Shabbat and Festivals A. W. Binder PDF 991708D08 add $1.95 View
Shalom Aleichem Samuel Goldfarb PDF 991708D09 add $1.95 View
Kiddush for Erev Shabbat Louis Lewandowski PDF 991708D10 add $1.95 View
Avinu Malkeinu Traditional PDF 991708D11 add $1.95 View
Maoz Tzur Traditional PDF 991708D12 add $1.95 View
Light One Candle Peter Yarrow PDF 991708D13 add $1.95 View
Mi Y'maleil M. Ravino PDF 991708D14 add $1.95 View
You Can Change the World Jeff Klepper, Don Rossoff PDF 991708D15 add $1.95 View
Kareiv Yom Traditional PDF 991708D16 add $1.95 View
Eliyahu Hanavi Traditional PDF 991708D17 add $1.95 View
Mah Nishtanah Traditional PDF 991708D18 add $1.95 View
Avadim Hayinu S. Postolsky PDF 991708D19 add $1.95 View
Ani Maamin Traditional PDF 991708D20 add $1.95 View
Birdsong Raymond Smolover PDF 991708D21 add $1.95 View
Mayim, Mayim Emanuel Amiram PDF 991708D22 add $1.95 View
Im Tirtzu Debbie Friedman PDF 991708D23 add $3.95 View
Kachol V'lavan Traditional Russian PDF 991708D24 add $1.95 View
Sisu et Y'rushalayim Akiva Nof PDF 991708D25 add $1.95 View
Lach Y'rushalayim Eli Rubenstein PDF 991708D26 add $1.95 View
Hatikvah Traditional PDF 991708D27 add $1.95 View
Modeh Ani Jeff Klepper, Dan Freelander PDF 991708D28 add $1.95 View
La'asok B'divrei Torah Jeff Klepper PDF 991708D29 add $1.95 View
Oseh Shalom Jeff Klepper PDF 991708D30 add $1.95 View
Torah Service: Ki Mitzion / Baruch Shenatan Solomon Sulzer PDF 991708D31 add $1.95 View
Torah Service: Sh'ma / Echad Eloheinu / L'cha Adonai Solomon Sulzer, Gershon Ephros PDF 991708D32 add $1.95 View
Torah Blessings Traditional PDF 991708D33 add $1.95 View
V'zot HaTorah A. Z. Idelsohn PDF 991708D34 add $1.95 View
Eileh Chamdah Libi Traditional Chasidic PDF 991708D35 add $1.95 View
Birkat HaMazon Traditional PDF 991708D36 add $1.95 View
Lo Yisa Goi Shalom Altman PDF 991708D37 add $1.95 View
Lo Alecha Jeff Klepper, Dan Freelander PDF 991708D38 add $1.95 View
Eili, Eili David Zahavi PDF 991708D39 add $1.95 View
Let the Heavens Be Glad Robert Weinberg PDF 991708D40 add $1.95 View
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