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Item #: GRP993194

Year: 2002

Language: English, Hebrew

Format: PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)

Voicing: Round

Voicing Category: Round

This one-of-a-kind collection features newly-composed rounds by prominent Jewish composers as well as traditional folk pieces. Great for school, worship, and volunteer choirs of all ages. Includes Chanukah, Psalms, Biblical, and Ethical Teachings, and other sections. Featuring new works by such esteemed composers as Samuel Adler, Michael Isaacson, Bonia Shur, Linda Hirschhorn, Michael Horvit, Gershon Kingsley, and many others. 8-1/2" x 5-1/2".

Complete Book of Jewish Rounds

Turn It Around

by Various Artists, Edited by J. Mark Dunn




PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)



Item #:


Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)



Complete Book of Jewish Rounds Contents

Song Title Composer Format Item Number Preview Buy Sheet Related Audio
Chanukah Catch Stephen Richards PDF 993194D01 add $1.50 View
Chanukah - Festival of Lights Sara Krohn PDF 993194D02 add $1.50 View
Chanukah / Solstice Linda Hirschhorn PDF 993194D03 add $1.50 View
Festival of Freedom Ronna Honigman PDF 993194D04 add $1.50 View
Judah Maccabee Ronna Honigman PDF 993194D05 add $1.50 View
Let's Light the Chanukah Candles Bonia Shur PDF 993194D06 add $1.50 View
Lots of Latkes Traditional English PDF 993194D07 add $1.50 View
Once an Evil King Harry Coopersmith PDF 993194D08 add $1.50 View
My Voice / Koli Bonia Shur PDF 993194D09 add $1.50 View
Clap Your Hands Bonia Shur PDF 993194D10 add $1.50 View
I Will Give Thanks Michael Horvit PDF 993194D11 add $1.50 View
Shir Mizmor Bonia Shur PDF 993194D12 add $1.50 View
May God Be Gracious to Us Bonia Shur PDF 993194D13 add $1.50 View
It Is Good to Give Thanks Michael Horvit PDF 993194D14 add $1.50 View
Worship the Lord Samuel Adler PDF 993194D15 add $1.50 View
Adonai Malach Samuel Adler PDF 993194D16 add $1.50 View
Sing to God Michael Horvit PDF 993194D17 add $1.50 View
Hodu Ladonai Traditional Renaissance PDF 993194D18 add $1.50 View
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Michael Horvit PDF 993194D19 add $1.50 View
Hineih Mah Tov Traditonal Folk PDF 993194D20 add $1.50 View
Hineih Mah Tov Gershon Kingsley PDF 993194D21 add $1.50 View
Psalm 150 Michael Isaacson PDF 993194D22 add $1.50 View
Kol Han'shamah Michael Praetorius PDF 993194D23 add $1.50 View
Mi Zot Olah Bonia Shur PDF 993194D24 add $1.50 View
Yavo Dodi Bonia Shur PDF 993194D25 add $1.50 View
Ani L'Dodi Bonia Shur PDF 993194D26 add $1.50 View
A Time Bonia Shur PDF 993194D27 add $1.50 View
Amar Rabbi Akivah Ronna Honigman PDF 993194D28 add $1.50 View
If I Am Not for Myself Gershon Kingsley PDF 993194D29 add $1.50 View
Help! Michael Isaacson PDF 993194D30 add $1.50 View
Turn It Around Michael Isaacson PDF 993194D31 add $1.50 View
Hillel Omer Laura Berkson PDF 993194D32 add $1.50 View
Adon Olam Samuel Adler PDF 993194D33 add $1.50 View
Ashrei Samuel Adler PDF 993194D34 add $1.50 View
Hashiveinu Traditonal Folk PDF 993194D35 add $1.50 View
Havdalah Round Laura Berkson PDF 993194D36 add $1.50 View
Hodo Al Eretz Andrea Jill Higgins PDF 993194D37 add $1.50 View
Let Us Have Songs Linda Hirschhorn PDF 993194D38 add $1.50 View
Mah Tovu Traditional PDF 993194D39 add $1.50 View
Oseh Shalom Rachelle Nelson PDF 993194D40 add $1.50 View
Shalom Aleichem Traditional Renaissance PDF 993194D41 add $1.50 View
Sh'ma Yisraeil Samuel Adler PDF 993194D42 add $1.50 View
Sim Shalom Traditional Chasidic PDF 993194D43 add $1.50 View
Yih'yu L'ratzon Bonia Shur PDF 993194D44 add $1.50 View
Yotzeir Or Laura Berkson PDF 993194D45 add $1.50 View
Eretz Zavat Chalav Eli Gamliel PDF 993194D46 add $1.50 View
Niggun Laura Berkson PDF 993194D47 add $1.50 View
Niggun Aliz Bonia Shur PDF 993194D48 add $1.50 View
Zum Gali Gali Traditional Israeli PDF 993194D49 add $1.50 View
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